Aug 11, 2009

the belly of God

Do you want to know what joy is? Do you really want to know? Then listen. It’s nighttime, it’s raining, I’m hungry, I’m outside, I knock on the door of my house, I say it’s me, and they don’t let me in, I spend the night at the door of my house, in the rain, famished. There it is, that’s joy. Let whoever can understand understand. Let whoever wants to hear hear. Joy is never again being home, being always outside, weakened by everything, hungry for everything, being everywhere in the out-of-doors of the world as in the belly of God.

Christian Bobin, The secret of Saint Francis of Assisi (Shambala Publications, 1997)

photography ©Annie Griffiths Belt

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Zeynep'in Yeri said...

my dear Marcelo, I was passing by and wanted to say hello to you. I hope everything is fine. Take care..